Faculty Self Assessment

Faculty Self Assessment Tool

Greetings! Welcome to the Durham College Faculty Teaching Skills and Abilities Self-Assessment Tool. This tool has been designed to provide three functions:

  1. to orient you to the specific skills, knowledge, and behaviours expected of a professor at Durham College
  2. to enable you to assess your own teaching strengths and areas for development
  3. to provide resources and contacts related to the various skill areas, so that you can make plans to continue to develop your skills.

The tool can be used at any time, but may be most useful at the following points:

  1. soon after you are hired, to become familiar with the College’s expectations and to guide the development of your teaching portfolio;
  2. in preparation for your formal faculty evaluation, to be able to present an informed self-assessment and professional development plan to your Dean/Associate Dean at the meeting that will take place after your classroom visit(s);
  3. if you are hoping to challenge (for prior learning assessment) any part of the Durham College New Faculty Development Program, to guide your collection of evidence of mastery of the required skills (please note that completion of this self-assessment tool alone will not suffice for evidence of mastery).

We sincerely hope that this tool provides useful information and that it will be a useful resource to you in your teaching career at Durham College. If we can improve the tool to be more useful, please tell us! We welcome your feedback.

Chris Hinton (ext 2595), Director
Centre for Academic Excellence and Innovation (SW101)

Although you are asked to enter your name below so that it prints out on your results, your input will remain completely confidential. Results of the use of this tool are only collected in aggregate for research purposes, and never tied to an individual user.

To begin, enter your name, and then click "Start Assessment" (feel free to use a nick name to remain anonymous)