DANIEL GREAVES, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: It must be amazing to be in space and to see the place you have spent your entire life on. It must show you that you are one speck of a giant universe.
VICTORIA WEBSTER, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: I found the video to be incredibly profound and eye opening. Truly hits home when they speak of take care of the earth so the earth can continue to take care of us, the human race. Excellent video to show someone the real views of the world and that we are only a small part of this massive universe.
COLIN LAKINS, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: A truly unifying documentary. Space has always been the final frontier in our quest for knowledge, but we're all here together on Spaceship Earth. It's a great feeling, realizing that.
GEOFF BURCHILL, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: Most strongly for me, I was left with the feeling that we are all connected... what happens to one happens to all. There is no point stealing some resource or clear cutting, not doing things properly... we are really just lying to ourselves, hurting ourselves.
JEAN-LUC DIGNARD, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: Very ineresting, I like how this video puts the human race as a whole into perspective. I like the fact it shows not just how we started and what we've done but also what we are doing and not doing right now and what we can do in the future.
JONATHON LOUGHEED, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: It is interesting the way this video brings to light how, though we as humans have borders and oceans dividing us, we are actually in it together as a planet. And how much we as a planet could accomplish if we worked together, instead of against each other. 
ADAM WICKENS, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: This is one of the coolest videos that I've ever seen and it truly puts into perspective how large our universe is and how small of a part of it we play.
RICK KERR, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: Utter Awe is the feeling, and, if you know something of the complete hostility to life of the other planets, amazement at the beauty of this one.
TYLER BLUMBERGS, DURHAM COLLEGE, OSHAWA, CANADA: So peaceful and beautiful that it almost made me fall asleep.
LINA FAROL, TORONTO, CANADA: It is impossible not to be moved by this documentary. I was in tears at the end, at the potential for humanity... and our ignorance in failing to see this. Thank you for posting this. 
WAI CHU CHENG, THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG, CHINA: East, West, North, South, what does it matter when we permit ourselves to enlarge our view of the world and see the planet like an astronaut does? When will we come to see that we are the generation, the first in history, to have a special responsiblity? The generations to come will see this even more clearly. We owe it to them to use the knowledge we are gaining about the planet in a way that will set them up for something better. Why can't the best be ahead of us? We ARE evolving!
TARA PAIN-ROWLANDS, COLLINGWOOD, CANADA: Thanks for posting this. So inspiring and enlightening on both an intellectual and spiritual level.


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